Republican Silence On Actual Voter Fraud Is Deafening

After a decade of using the alleged problem of “voter fraud” to justify things like Voter ID Laws, Republicans are remarkably silent in the fact of an actual example of fraud and election tampering.

Judge Lets North Dakota Voter ID Law That Discriminates Against Native Americans Stand

A Federal Judge is letting a North Dakota Voter ID law that clearly discriminates against Native Americans stand.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law

Texas suffers another legal setback in its effort to pass a Voter ID law.

Federal Judge Strikes Down North Dakota’s Voter ID Law

A Federal Judge in North Dakota has struck down that state’s Voter ID Law, the fourth such decision in less than a month.

Federal Courts Strike Down Voter ID Laws In Wisconsin, North Carolina

Big losses for proponents of Voter ID laws in two swing states.

Federal Court Rules Texas Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act

A big setback for one of the most restrictive Voter ID Laws in the country.

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law

A Federal Appeals Court has dealt a setback to Texas in the battle over its Voter ID Law.

Supreme Court Declines Challenge To Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law

Another setback for those opposed to Voter ID laws.

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Wisconsin Voter ID Law

An unsurprising decision from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Voter ID Laws Are A Solution In Search Of A Non-Existent Problem

There is simply no evidence of the kind of in-person voter impersonation that Voter ID Laws were designed to prevent.

One to watch: Alleged Voter Fraud in North Carolina

Voter ID supporters are pointing to a report from the North Carolina Board of Elections as proof of ongoing Voter Fraud. But, while long on facts, the report has yet to reach any such conclusions.

What Voter Suppression?

Do Voter ID laws really suppress voter turnout? The evidence from at least one state doesn’t prove it.

Judge Blocks Pennsylvania Voter ID Law For 2012 Elections

A victory for opponents of Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law, but likely only a temporary one.

Federal Court Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law

A legal setback for the Texas Voter ID law, but not much of a political setback for Voter ID laws in general.

Pennsylvania Judge Upholds Controversial Voter ID Law

A victory for the proponents of Voter ID Laws in Pennsylvania.

Voter ID Laws Won’t Work If Problems Like This Aren’t Dealt With

Voter ID laws are a good idea, but we have to be careful in how we implement them.