Democrats Have A 2014 Voter Enthusiasm Problem

If current trends holds, Democratic candidates are going to have a problem turning out voters in November.

GOP Primary In Mississippi Heads Toward Runoff

Down to the wire in Mississippi.

48% Of Americans Don’t Care Who Controls Congress

Public cynicism about politics at its very best.

What Voter Suppression?

Do Voter ID laws really suppress voter turnout? The evidence from at least one state doesn’t prove it.

The Blame Game Begins In Virginia

Polls in Virginia don’t open for another 48 hours or so, but the end result has become fairly apparent when you look at the polls.

Four New Polls Show Some Tightening In Virginia, But McAuliffe Still Leads

Some interesting polls out of Virginia today, but McAuliffe is still the clear leader in this race.

Cory Booker Wins New Jersey Senate Race

Mayor Booker is now Senator-Elect Booker.

Federal Government Sues Over Texas Voter ID Law

Reports of the death of the Voting Rights Act have been greatly exaggerated.

A New Conspiracy Theory: IRS Tea Party Targeting Helped Win The Election For Obama

A new theory circulating on the right asserts that IRS targeting of Tea Party groups had an impact on the 2012 elections by diminish the Tea Party’s effectiveness. It’s mostly nonsense.

Republican Political Calculations On Immigration Reform: Complicated, And Contradictory

There are risks to Republicans in blocking immigration reform, but there are also incentives for them to block immigration reform. Getting past that contradiction to passage isn’t going to be easy.

Black Voter Turnout Higher Than White Voter Turnout In 2012

2012’s election represented a significant change in voting patterns in the United States. What’s unclear is if the change is a permanent one.

The Apolitical

Republicans, The Latino Vote, And Immigration

Republicans are going to get trounced among Latino voters tomorrow, and they only have themselves to blame.

Young Voters Far Less Enthusiastic For Obama This Time Around

Younger voters are starting to become as cynical as the rest of us.

Debunking The Poll Denialists

The arguments of the people claiming that every single poll showing Mitt Romney is unfairly biased do not stand up to scrutiny.

Is Early Voting A Good Idea?

Should people be able to vote six weeks before Election Day?

Obama Holds Strong Lead Among People Who Aren’t Going To Vote

There’s a large group of people out there that like the President, but they’re probably not going to vote.

Obama’s War on White People

Victor Davis Hanson thinks President Obama plans to win the back the White House by alienating the white man.

More on Voter ID

Another study shows that voter ID laws negatively affect a lot of Americans.

Mohammed Morsi Declared Winner Of Egyptian Presidential Election

The candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood is the next President of Egypt, but the political future of Egypt itself remains quite murky.

Scott Walker Continues To Lead Wisconsin Recall Polling

Barring an upset, Scott Walker looks likely to survive his recall election tomorrow.

Voter Turnout And Registration

Some thoughts on the voter registration/voter turnout debate.

Palmetto State Preview

The polls are open in the South Carolina.

Republican Race In South Carolina Tightens

Things are tightening up among the Republican candidates in the Palmetto State.

Why Ron Paul’s Campaign Has No Future Beyond Iowa And New Hampshire

Ron Paul is doing well right now solely because of the unique characteristics of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Gingrich Nearly Tied With Romney In New Hampshire? Don’t Be So Sure Just Yet

A new poll appears to show Newt Gingrich surging in New Hampshire, but there are several caveats to take into account.

Obama’s Path To Victory

Despite the seeming odds against him, the Electoral College map is very favorable for President Obama.

John Lewis’s Ridiculous Arguments Against Reasonable Voting Regulations

Ensuring the integrity of the voting process is a worthy goal, not evidence of discrimination.

The GOP Is Now Controlled By Its Conservative Base

More than any other time in the past, the GOP is now firmly under the control of its most conservative members.

America The Ignorant

Another survey shows that Americans don’t know much about their own history, but does it really matter?

Because Africa Just Doesn’t Have Enough Landlocked Countries

What happens if Southern Sudan’s independence referendum succeeds?

GOP Victory/Tea Party Victory: Is There a Difference?

Ok, so we’ve been talking about the Tea Party for months. What will that label means once we actually have elections and move on to the governing bit?

A Wave, Or A Tsunami?

The GOP is headed for big gains on Tuesday. The only question now is how big they’re going to be.

Study: Early Voting Actually Lowers Voter Turnout

Making it easier for people to vote doesn’t necessarily mean that more people will vote.