Observations on Day Two of the Hearings

Basically: Trump is a liar or delusional (perhaps both?).

Georgia Subpoenas Conservative Group Over Ballot Harvesting Allegations

Why would a group that claims it has evidence of ballot harvesting refuse to turn it over?

Ginni Thomas the Insurrectionist

A Supreme Court Justice’s wife urged the White House and Congressional Republicans to steal the 2020 election.

Did Mark Meadows Break Electoral Laws?

It would appear to be the case.

[Pamela Moses at sentencing] [Pamela Moses at sentencing]

An example of the “trial tax”

With choices like these it’s easy to understand why people take plea deals

Trump Facing Multiple Legal Disasters

The 45th President is unlikely to face Federal prosecution but state and civil suits are not going his way.

The Reality of Voter Fraud Yet Again

Fraudsters caught!

Still no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election

After more than a year and countless investigations into election fraud, the big lie continues to be a big lie

Mayberry and White America

When life doesn’t imitate art.

Revisiting Stacey Abrams’ Nonconcession

Assessing her actions in 2018 in light of 2020 and onward.

Disparate Sentencing of Capitol Rioters

A pattern is emerging.

Senators Graham and Lee Owe us an Explanation

Really, they owed (and still owe) us better behavior.

Keeping the Voter Fraud Flames Burning

This time in the CA recall.

Evidence of Voter Fraud in Georgia?

Could it be?

Elite Behavior Matters

The College Republican National Committee Chairman elections shows the lessons taught by the national party.

Yet Again, Vanishingly Little Evidence of Voter Fraud

What’s smaller than minuscule?

An Example of Illegal Voting

An arrest underscores what the problem isn’t.

Negotiating the For the People Act?

Kinda, sorta, maybe, but probably not really.

Start the Steal?

Cries that American democracy is in jeopardy are not hyperbole.

Voter Suppression in Texas

Let’s call it what it is.

Voting is Too Hard

It’s not just Red states that put up too many barriers.

Georgia Passes New Election Law

It makes voting harder.

Today in Disingenuous Arguments for Voter ID

It really does feel like a daily occurrence.

The Dishonesty of Restrictive Reforms

The fixes worsen the stated problem (more on Iowa and other states’ attempts to restrict voting).

Iowa Limits Early Voting

Making it harder to vote in Iowa.

HR1: Good, but Not Enough

And what GOP opposition says about the party.

A Return to the (Lack of) Evidence of Significant Fraud

A CPAC speaker and the return of the problem of the Heritage electoral fraud database.

Lou Dobbs Canceled

Fox Business has abruptly sidelined its most popular host.

Republican Leadership Face Tests with Cheney and Greene

Mitch McConnell is testing out his spine again.

The Leaderless GOP

The Republican Party is not really a thing.

Trump Wants to Push ‘Stolen Election’ Claim in Senate Trial

The man still can’t get out of his own way.

Burma Military Coup Ousts Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi and her top officials are under house arrest.

The Insurrection May Not Be Over

There are multiple ongoing plots and reasonable fear of infiltration of security forces.

Expect at Least Three Objections Tomorrow

AZ, GA, and Pa are on the table.

Trump Likely Broke the Law in GA Call

Although prosecution and conviction are unlikely.

Trump and His Party Doing Permanent Damage to America

The President who promised to “Make America Great Again” has made her a laughingstock. And worse.

Republican Election Subversion Coming to Bitter End

They’re actually going to go through with it.

Secret Service Protection Politicized

That President-elect Biden is shaking up his protective detail isn’t unusual. The reason, however, is.

Trump Backs Down, Signs Relief Bill

His tantrum stopped checks over the weekend but Congress called his bluff.

The Reality of Electoral Fraud

Wherein I detail evidence of fraud and take the Heritage Foundation’s database of fraud to task.

Barr Contradicts Trump on his Way out the Door

Although, as usual, he maintains his odious approach to it all.

(Many?)(Most?) Republicans Acknowledge Biden WIn

Too little, too late.

Reaping the Whirlwind

That thing that happens when you sow the wind with conspiracy theories.

Barr Weighs in

Barr finds no fraud.

Trump’s Legal Team Imploding

We won’t have Sidney Powell to kick around any more.

Not a Coup Attempt

But, still very bad.

More Kook Than Coup

A shameful farce continues to unfold.

This is what a loser looks like. This is what a loser looks like.

Republican Leaders Refuse to Lead

They know Trump lost the election yet are aiding his outrageous assault on democracy.