Quorum Rules

A commenter asks, “Why does Wisconsin have a quorum rule if not for situations like this?”

The U.S. Government Exists Primarily To Write Checks And Redistribute Wealth

The primary job of the Federal Government today is to take money from Peter and give it to Paul.

Elections Have Consequences

Republicans won the right to govern Wisconsin. What does that mean for Democrats?

Wisconsin’s Hemlock Revolution

In the Middle East, protesters are marching for democracy. In the Midwest, they’re protesting against it.

Wisconsin Teacher Showdown

Neither side is covering themselves in glory in the battle over the Badger State budget.

Caption Contest Winners

The Tweeter Swatter Squad Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Virginia Families Sue Over Ten Commandments In Classrooms

A county in the far southwest corner of Virginia is the latest battle ground in the ongoing battle over the separation of church and state.

NFL’s Most Popular Teams

The Pittsburg Steelers and the Green Bay Packers are the 2nd and 5th most popular teams in the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys are number one and the St. Louis Rams bring up the rear at 32.

SOTU Reaction: Both Parties Ignore The Debt Monster

If you watched last night’s State Of The Union Address, you wouldn’t have had any idea just how serious a problem we’re facing.

College Students Lack Critical Thinking Skills, But Who’s To Blame?

A new study suggests college students aren’t learning the critical thinking skills they’re supposed to learn, but that isn’t necessary the fault of the university they’re attending.

Michael Steele RNC Re-Election Likely?

The sitting RNC chairman is losing to a field of no-name candidates. Is he actually the favorite?

Blizzard Postpones Sunday Night Football: Are We A Nation Of Wimps?

The National Football League’s decision to postpone last night’s Eagles-Vikings game due to weather is receiving a lot of criticism, but they made the right choice.

Geno Auriemma and John Wooden

Geno Auriemma and his UConn Huskies should rightly be enormously proud of their accomplishments. But comparing them to John Wooden’s is embarrassing.

How Should Students Address Professors?

The archaic practice of calling one’s seniors by titles rather than their first name is actually quite useful.

Where Are America’s Pubs? Why, America of Course.

Some DC based hipsters want to know why America doesn’t have good pubs like in London. It turns out, they’re everywhere.

America’s OTHER Largest Army in the World

The hunters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia alone would comprise the largest army in the world.

Republican 2012 Nominee: Who It Won’t Be

While Tim Pawlenty and John Thune get high marks from insiders, they have next to no shot at winning the 2012 Republican nomination for president.

Republicans Still Not Getting Specific On Spending Cuts

They’ve won the elections, but Republicans still aren’t getting specific about exactly where they’d cut Federal spending.

Bachmann v. Hensarling A Microcosm Of Internal GOP Battles

The race between Jeb Hensarling and Michelle Bachmann for Chair of the House GOP Conference is a microcosm for a battle that is likely to take place within the GOP for the next two years.

Money Can’t Buy Elections After All

During the just concluded election season, eleven self-funded candidates spent a total of $ 286 million trying to win elections. Only two of them actually won.

Republicans Win House Big; Tea Party Costs Them Senate

The enthusiasm for Tea Party candidates likely helped the House Republican wave. But it also likely cost the GOP four Senate seats that it would otherwise have won — and thus the majority.

Study: Early Voting Actually Lowers Voter Turnout

Making it easier for people to vote doesn’t necessarily mean that more people will vote.

Campaign Blogger Relations Etiquette

Being a political blogger during election season is getting to be rather infuriating, especially if all you want to do is check your email.

Voters See Democrats As More Extreme Than Republicans

More bad news for Democrats as a new poll shows that voters are more likely to consider them extreme than Republicans.

Cross-Atlantic Islamophobia

Are we facing a Sharia take-over?

Republican Rout in November?

Even with some key seats trending Democrat, Republicans are primed to take over both Houses of Congress come November 2.

Odds Of GOP Senate Takeover Less Likely After Delaware Primary

Christine O’Donnell’s victory in Delaware Tuesday has made it less likely that the GOP will be able to take control of the Senate, but they still have an excellent shot of making substantial gains that will transform Congress’s Upper House.

Political Blogger Avoids Politics

Is it odd that a political blogger dislikes actual political involvement ? No, not really.

New Poll Links Anti-Muslim Sentiment And Opposition To “Ground Zero Mosque”

A new poll indicates that there are some disturbing motivations that seem to be associated with opposition to the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque.”

Charlie Cook: The Senate Is In Play

For most of the year, a GOP takeover in the Senate seemed beyond the realm of possibility. That’s no longer the case.

“Ground Zero Mosque” Debate: Distraction, Or Fundamentally Important ?

Glenn Greenwald argues that the “Ground Zero Mosque” debate is about more than just a “mosque” near Ground Zero. He’s right, but that also means the debate is likely to get uglier.

How Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Helps The Cause Of Those That Would Kill Us

America’s obsession over the fate of the Burlington Coat Factory in Lower Manhattan, and a general rise in anti-Islamic rhetoric, plays right into the hands of the people that are actually our enemies.

Is The GOP Anti-Islamic ? No, But They Are Playing With Fire

The GOP is playing a dangerous game with the anti-Islamic rhetoric that it seems to be courting these days.

Women’s Games as ‘Warm-Up’ Acts

Under pressure from the Feds, the NCAA is cracking down on colleges who put women’s games ahead of men’s games, which some say relegates them to “warm-up act” status.

The Definition Of Insanity: Real Estate Edition

Lenders and Borrowers seem poised to make the same mistakes that brought about the last Housing Bubble all over again.

Pabst Blue Ribbon PBR 1844

PBR is going upscale for the Chinese market.

Obama Endorsement A Negative In Battleground States

Barack Obama may not be doing much campaigning in the fall if recent poll numbers are any indication.

Daily Kos Suing Former Polling Partner

Markos Moulitsas gets a lesson in caveat emptor from his former pollster.

Day One Of Kagan Hearings Fail To Excite, Or Educate

Miss yesterday’s opening round of the Kagan hearings ? You didn’t miss much.