Losing Our Religion

America’s Protestants are dying off and being replaced by non-believers.

Mitt Romney Once Again Misrepresents The Status Of The U.S. Navy

Mitt Romney is once again making completely false claims about the status of the United States Navy.

Afghanistan, Then And Now

Afghanistan was a much different place half a century ago.

The Convention Bounce Is Apparently Over, But Obama Still Leads

The President’s poll lead has shrunk, but there are still signs of trouble for Mitt Romney.

Federal Reserve Announces Another Round Of Stimulus Creating Money Out Of Thin Air

Ben Bernanke thinks doing more of the same is just what the economy needs.

Rand Paul Offers An Alternate Path On Foreign Policy For The GOP

Senator Rand Paul suggests the GOP may want to reconsider its foreign policy aggressiveness.

George Takei Wonders What Happened To The Republicans Who Are Against Big Government

Hey GOP, Lt. Sulu has some questions for you.

Obama Campaign Dodges Reagan’s Question

The Obama campaign clearly does not want Americans to consider whether they are better off now than they were four years ago.

GOP Foreign Policy Positions Expose Their Claim To Be A Party Of Limited Government As A Lie

The GOP claims to be a party that favors limited government, but its foreign policy positions reveal this to be little more than a lie.

Second Quarter Growth Revised Slightly Upward, Still Below 2%

Economic growth is the key to fixing many of our problems. Unfortunately, we’re not likely to see the kind of growth we need any time soon.

A Presidential Election Without Veterans

For the first time in 80 years, there are no veterans on the major party Presidential tickets.

Britain’s Golden Age Is Now?

Doug Saunders makes the counterintuitive claim that things are better for Britons than ever.

July Jobs Report Mildly Positive, But Far From Good News

July’s Jobs Report was better than what we’ve seen the last few months, but it’s still not very good.

Will The Negative Press From Romney’s Foreign Tour Matter In November?

Romney’s foreign tour didn’t go quite as well as planned, but it’s unclear how much the minor gaffes will actually matter.

No, We Don’t Need To Bring Back The Draft

Once again, a pundit has come up with the boneheaded idea of reinstating the draft.

10 Best Chinese Restaurants in America

David Chan has eaten at more than 6000 Chinese restaurants. He says the best are all in California and most opened in the last decade.

200 Years Ago Today, America’s First War Begins

Two centuries ago, a war that makes less and less sense with the passage of time began.

The Other Side Of The Neil Munro Story: Obama Doesn’t Take Many Questions

Neil Munro acted like a jerk, but Barack Obama needs to be more open to questions than he has been.

Does A President’s Cabinet Even Matter Anymore?

The President’s Cabinet is less a Team Of Rivals and more a Team Of Managers.

George W. Bush Portrait Unveiled

The official portrait of George W. Bush, the 43rd president, was unveiled at the White House yesterday. The ceremony was a rare display of political humor and grace.

Is it Too Hard to Amend the Constitution? A Brief Response

Yes, it is too hard to amend. A few quick thoughts on the subject.

Does It Matter If A Presidential Candidate Never Served In The Military?

For the first time in 68 years, neither major party candidate for President has served in the military. Does this matter?

Another Prominent Conservative Takes On The New Right

Michael Fumento becomes the latest prominent conservative to criticize what conservatism has become.

Presidential Experience Redux

Is Mitt Romney the least experienced major-party presidential nominee since1940?

How To Read The Polls: General Election Edition

Time to prepare yourself for the incoming deluge of polling.

Joe Biden: Bin Laden Raid Was “Most Audacious Plan” In 500 Years

Joe Biden got a little braggadocious last night.

No, It’s Not Martial Law, It’s Preparedness

No, the Obama Administration is not plotting to nationalize the economy in the name of some “national emergency.”

Voter ID Laws Won’t Work If Problems Like This Aren’t Dealt With

Voter ID laws are a good idea, but we have to be careful in how we implement them.

Stolen Valor Act and the Supreme Court

Why should lying about having served in combat or been awarded a medal for valor should be legally different from lying about athletic prowess in high school, the number of sexual partners you’ve had, or the size of one’s sex organs?

Santorum’s Gospel Of Doom And Gloom

Rick Santorum’s stump speeches have becoming increasingly dark.

David Frum Eviscerates Charles Murray’s Latest Book

David Frum begins a withering review for The Daily Beast, “Charles Murray’s Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 is an important book that will have large influence. It is unfortunately not a good book.”

On Using the US Constitution as a Model

Yes, the US Constitution has been the most successful such document in human history. That does not mean it is a good template for other countries.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg To Egypt: Don’t Use Our Constitution As A Guide

Ruth Bader Ginsburg had some advice on Constitution drafting for Egyptians

Republican Senators Leading Effort To Halt Automatic Pentagon Cuts

Not surprisingly, Republicans are trying to reverse the automatic cuts to defense spending agreed to in August.

GDP Growth 2.8% In 4th Quarter: Not Great, Not Good, Barely Okay

Another weak GDP report that portends stagnation ahead.

The American Public Is Not SEAL Team Six

Last night’s State Of The Union Address contained another unfortunate example of the prevalence of militaristic rhetoric in domestic politics.

State of the Union Post Mortem

The speech did exactly what it was supposed to do: kick off Obama’s re-election campaign while disguised as a call for unity.

Mitt Romney’s Misleading Claims About The United States Navy

Mitt Romney is making claims about Naval readiness that are, at best, misleading.

Newt Gingrich Wins South Carolina, Republican Race In (Temporary) Chaos

Last night, South Carolina was Gingrich Country.