Trust In State Government

A new poll finds that people in Illinois have an accurate assessment of politics in their state.

Six Californias?

A rich guy wants to break up California.

The Size of the House

Is 435 the right number?

Appeals Court Refuses To Stay Judge’s Order In Utah Same-Sex Marriage Case

Same-sex marriage remains the law of the land in one of the most conservative states in the nation, at least unless the Supreme Court says otherwise.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Utah’s Ban On Same-Sex Marriage

A victory for same-sex marriage in an unlikely place.

A Qualified Yes to a Constitutional Convention

Some thoughts on reform.

The Enzi/Cheney Primary, Rand Paul, And The Wider Fight In The GOP

Some interesting taking of sides is already taking place in the GOP Senate race in Wyoming.

POLITICO to Charge More in Places Where It’s Less Popular

POLITICO is joining the stampede toward metered paywalls. In a twist, it will remain free in regions where it’s most popular.

Sales Taxes On Internet Purchases Seem To Be An Inevitability

The days of tax-free online shopping are coming to an end.

Rand Paul Wins Meaningless CPAC Straw Poll

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul won a completely meaningless straw poll.

A Map Is Worth A Thousand Votes

Democrats are approaching an “Electoral College lock.” Republicans are trying to pick it.

Romney and Obama Work for Every Vote, Especially in Small States (Oh, Wait…)

No, the electoral college does not encourage the candidates to pay special attention to the small states.

The DREAM Act and the 60-vote Senate

The history of the DREAM Act underscores the significance of the 60-vote Senate.

Explaining The GOP’s Relative Silence On Same-Sex Marriage

Republican politicians have largely avoided the topic of same-sex marriage since President Obama’s announcement. Why?

Rick Santorum’s Delegates

Now that Rick Santorum is out of the race, what happens to his delegates?

Santorum Admits He Cannot Win The Nomination Without A Brokered Convention

Rick Santorum’s campaign is starting to tilt at windmills.

Foster Friess and the Feiler Faster Thesis

Foster Friess, Rick Santorum’s money guy, probably shouldn’t be his media guy.

Wyoming Senator Trying To Revive The Dollar Coin Yet Again

Senator Mike Enzi wants to replace the Dollar Bill with a coin. As with past efforts, it’s a great idea that is unlikely to succeed.

Obama Crusin’ For A November Bruisin’?

Things aren’t all sunshine and roses for the Obama 2012 campaign.

Obama’s Pentagon ‘Power Grab’

Michael Hastings has yet another credulous story attempting to smear the United States military.

Gingrich: Abolish 9th Circuit

Newt Gingrich last night declared that he would abolish the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

More on the Electoral College v. a Popular Vote

Yes, again with the EC.

Turning the Senate into the House?

Even if the Senate operated under wholly majority rules, it would not be the House.

Three Arguments Contra the Electoral College

A book could be written on this subject, but let me suggest the following as a good place to start

Is There Really Anything Ben Bernanke Can Do?

Ben Bernanke didn’t offer many clues in his speech today, but one wonders if he really has any tricks left up his sleeve.

Is an Electoral College Sweep even Possible?

Sunday afternoon musings on an electoral college sweeps.

Romney’s Federalism Dodge

Romney wants to make a federalism based argument for why his MA health care bill is good, while the PPACA is tyrannical. However, just saying that is not an argument.