Tax Return

Like everyone else, I love to complain about lousy service from government agencies. A pleasant contrary example for a change: I filed my taxes electronically Saturday, April 10. My state of Virginia refund was direct deposited to my checking account on Thursday, April 15. How amazing is that?

James Joyner
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  1. jen says:

    Yeah, that’s one thing that the Commonwealth does really well. I had to snail mail mine and I still had my refund deposited within a week of the date I put the envelope in the mailbox.

  2. Hey, how about my post about how our current tax system is bogus in the first place?

  3. Boyd says:

    I get to mail the Commonwealth my check in about a week. With the Feds, at least I can submit the funds electronically.

    Well, except for those stinkin’ quarterly payments. Those I still have to pay by check.