Virginia Postrel must drive [Or eat. -ed.] verrry slowly:

Tennessee is a very long state. If you eat breakfast in Knoxville, you won’t get to Memphis until dark.

It’s only 385 miles–377 of which are interstate!

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James Joyner
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  1. mtpolitics says:

    I wonder how she’d fare out here?

  2. Teri Lester says:

    If she did that when she was a kid (i.e. before there were interstates) this could be true.

  3. McGehee says:

    Or she could be like my wife and eat breakfast (given her druthers) after McDonald’s has started serving lunch.

  4. What Teri said; my grandfather recently told me about driving with my grandmother, my mom and her brother from Nashville to Memphis while I-40 was still under construction (must have been in the 1960s). They stayed the night in Jackson because of the length of the trip. (US 70 is a bit of a slog through Tennessee; lots of small towns along the way.)

    Today (post-NMSL), you can drive from downtown Memphis to downtown Nashville in three hours flat. Knoxville would be 5 1/2 or so.