Terror Raids on Australian Hospitals

The trail of the would-be London car bombers has taken authoritiesdown under.

Australian police have launched fresh raids on two hospitals in Western Australia in connection with the failed terrorist plot in Britain, seizing computer files and questioning a number of doctors believed to be of Indian background.

The Australian Federal Police Commissioner, Mick Keelty, said links to the UK were “becoming more concrete” as they begin to examine some 31,000 computer files seized in the raids on hospitals in the Western Australia state capital of Perth and the Outback mining town of Kalgoorlie. The files are believed to had come into contact with Muhammad Haneef, the Indian-born doctor arrested in Australia on Monday.

Police will look through the files and compare information contained on them with material held in the UK, the commissioner said.

Those being interviewed included foreign doctors of a similar nationality and background to those being held in the UK, Mr Keelty said.

“Similar” how, one wonders? Do they root for the same rugby team, perhaps? Are they also Muslims living in a free society who want to kill innocents in the name of Islam?

At any rate, that the conspiracy apparently extended across the globe is interesting. One hopes the rest of the gang was as inept as the UK contingent.

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James Joyner
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