Thad McCotter’s Hometown Newspaper Gives Him A Bad Review

As Taegan Goddard put it, this isn’t exactly what you want to see in your hometown newspaper the week after you announce you’re running for President:

The thought of Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, R-Livonia, being president is a bit scary.

In fact, the idea of him being selected to run as the GOP candidate isn’t a pleasant thought.

However, McCotter has announced his intentions to run for president of the United States. He is the 10th GOP candidate to declare his candidacy.

It’s not that we don’t concede to his longevity as a representative, although his re-election bids most certainly have been aided by home-town name recognition and the fact he is in a predominantly Republican district parts of which are in Oakland County. McCotter has served in Congress since 2002, having jumped to the federal government after serving four years as a Michigan Senator.

But McCotter has some growing to do to fulfill his duties and role as a member of Congress. He certainly isn’t ready to take the reins of leading the nation.

The representative comes off as  cold, arrogant and egotistical. These are not qualities we’d like to see in a president. In fact, he wouldn’t get too far in private industry as a company chief executive officer.


we don’t think he’s been a good representative of the people. He does not respond well to calls from constituents or even the media. It’s important for any representative to keep the lines of communication open, from the standpoint of transparency alone. However, communication also is important in keeping the public informed.

From time to time, he does send out news releases but his office could do a better job of informing the public and not just praising his actions, although we realize that’s part of being in politics.

The Oakland Press likes to support native sons, but this is one sibling we think should just stay home here in Michigan and work on his people skills.

Ouch. Now, to be fair, it’s apparent from the tone of the editorial that the Editors of The Oakland Press probably aren’t fans of McCotter to begin with. Nonetheless, for somneone with zero name recognition in the real world, its not exactly the kind of thing you want to see circulating.

On a related note, the oddest thing about McCotters July 2nd campaign announcement, in addition to the fact that it came on the Saturday of a holiday weekend, is that it hasn’t been followed up by press appearances of any kind. Normally, when someone runs for President the first thing they do is show up on the cable networks. I haven’t seen McCotter anywhere, and there hasn’t even been indication that he’s shown up on Fox News Channel to talk about his campaign. Obviously, this isn’t a serious campaign.

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  1. M BAUMAN says:

    Some publication’s support you can do without.
    The Oakland Press loved John McCain.
    They’ll probably endorse Mitt Romney.
    ‘Nuff said.