The Post Where I Agree With Sarah Palin

During her appearance on Long Island today, Sarah Palin said this:

[Palin] made it clear that she has no patience with birther claims. “The faith, the birth certificate, others can engage in that kind of conversation. It’s distracting. It gets annoying. And let’s just stick with what really matters,” Palin urged, talking about Obama’s fiscal record.

She’s right.

Now, are all you Palin fans happy?

Doug Mataconis
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Doug Mataconis held a B.A. in Political Science from Rutgers University and J.D. from George Mason University School of Law. He joined the staff of OTB in May 2010 and contributed a staggering 16,483 posts before his retirement in January 2020. He passed far too young in July 2021.


  1. legion says:

    Of course, this is also the day where Palin takes nutball Michelle Bachmann’s side, ridiculing the First Lady’s recent support of breast-feeding…

  2. tom p says:

    “Now, are all you Palin fans happy?”

    Doug, the silence is deafening.

  3. Bleev K says:

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  4. Patrick T. McGuire says:

    OMG, someone warn Al Gore that hell has frozen over!!!

  5. We says:

    No,Sarah Palin Isn’t Right! It’s not even about the birth certifice,He Is Not Constitutionally nQualified-Period!

    Presidenial Candiates Must be A “Natural Born Citizen” It is the only Position in this Country that This Is A Requirement, no dual loyalties are allowed. To meet that requirement there are 3 things: 1) Must Born On American. 2) Both PARENTS MUST BE AMERICAN CITIZENS. Living in cocuntry 14 yrs..

    He Father Isn’t and Never Was A Citizen, A British Subject, Kenyan. Obama Was Born Also A British Subject/Kenyan Just Like His Father.That Is A Fact.Even if his mother could have given him her citizenship-which she could not;That would have made him a dual citizen of multiple countries.Dual Citizen Eliminates Him From “Natural Born Citizen” Status-Period! But there’s more,He was adopted by his step father and became an Indosian Citizen in which requried he to forfit his prior citizenship status.Indonesia did not allow for Dual Citizenship.

    The information given to Factcheck along with that fraudulent document By Obama verify’s what I’ve said abouve.Not to mention if you listen to all the talking heads on news programs they alway say ‘Birthers Think Obama’s not a citizen” and always when speaking about where he was born say’ ‘Obama is a “NATIVE” citizen,he was born in HI..” to mis-lead people avoiding -and they Never Use The Real Issue which is the Constitutional Requirement WHICH IS OUR SURPREME LAW OF THE LAND Which DEMANDS that He MUST Be A “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN TO BE ELIGIBLE” They Never Say it!

    It Does Matter,Now More Than Ever Now.Look What He Has Done to Us-To Our Country! He Is Destrying America! That is why it is So Important That Our Founding Fathers Made It Law To Not Have A Foreign Born President or a Multi-Citizen with Dual Loyalties to another Foreign Country or Peoples-and LOOK AT US! I don’t know about Sarah Palin anymore but I say His Loyalties are not to Our Great Country,Not To Our People.He Does Not Serve America or The American People Folks, We Must Have This Issue Addressed and Resolved.

    There are Three Types Of Citizens:

    Native Born Citizen (born in country )
    Naturalized Citizen (which he needed to do upon retuning to USA from Indonesia and legal change his name to the one he’s currently using.No Evidence Verify’s Either)

    Natural Born Citizen (Must Be For President! Born Here,Citizen Parents- Which Barack Obama Is Not)

    In Fact There Is No Lawful Documents To Be SEEN ANYWHERE That Can Prove He Has ANY ONE Of These Citizenship Statuses Let Alone Natural Born Citizeship..!

    It Matters, It Must Be Resovled For All Our Sakes…

    Sarah Palin Is Wrong and I personally find it quite disturbing that she along with other people such as O’Reilly people are listening to would Say The Supreme Law-Any Requirement In Our Constitution-The Charter For Our Nation “Doesn’t Matter” Be Careful who We Vote For Folks, there are too many phony’s walking around posing as patriots.Our Country Depends On Our Vigilence and Our Constitution.Remember That Document Is The Only Thing In The Gov & DC That Is There To Truly Protect Us And Our Liberties,SO WE Must Protect and Defend It! Who cares how much name calling they do- They are just trying to keep the people from what They Should Have Done From Day One-Demand what should have been provided before the elections.He Got Away With It Because They-The Dems, Republicans and The Lame Stream Media Helped and You The People Cowarded Away from It because of Their decptions, manipulation and intimidating and MIs-Leading The American People So This Guy Can Ruin Our Country. We All Need To Demand This Be Resolved Once And For All.Really- would you spend millions of dollars to keep your birth certificate from being seen by AnyOne?? No- But He sure has and still is… Why? We Must Demand Answers.

    And Sarah Palin-Shame On You.You Either Defend Our Constitution Or You Don’t. You Do Not Get To Pick and Choose or Decide Parts Of It Doesn’t Matter.Especially when it comes to the person in that White House with his fingers close to that ultimate button of destruction.We Have To Know Who That Man Really Is And All His Records Where Sealed By HiM. Sarah Palin Today From You – I Take three Steps Back…

  6. Ben Wolf says:

    Doesn’t We being on your side make you question your political affiliation just a little, James?

  7. wr says:

    Hey, we — Where exactly did you get this definition? I mean, I can tell you’re not smart enough to have pulled it out of your own ass. So whose ass was it?

  8. MarkedMan says:

    Oh come on. In what way is We on James’ side? The fact that they both usually vote Republican? There are only two viable parties in the country.

    Since the Republican impeachment of Clinton I vote almost exclusively Democrat. if you find some axe-murderer that also votes Democrat well, no, It won’t make me reconsider my votes. In the same vein, the fact that some paranoid conspiracy theorist is a birther probably doesn’t make James rethink his party affiliation.

  9. We says:

    Don’t you worry about your friend Mr. Wolf,and James no need to question your political affiliation I do not belong to either one.I’m not in that game, I wouldn’t claim either party so you’re both just fine.Yeah,I ranted here, but I’m tired of people excusing themselves from responsibility,then doing so by attacking others instead of getting the issues Resolved.For me Our Country,Our Constitution and Liberties – Anything that Harms Them are Priorities.So I really don’t care which Party Stands Up Against All The Destructive Agendas and/or Addresses the Issues Dividing Our Peoples in the Country. Just That At Least One Of Them Does At Some Point Before It’s Too Late.Those folks would get the vote regardless of party…

    You do not have to agree with me and I don’t expect that people will.But I do feel that We As A People Would All Want Resolutions,The Answers To The Questionable So We May Put An End To It One Way Or The Other.End the Back and Forth and Arguments… We Should All Be Calling On The Government To Resolve It Instead Of Attacking Each Other Because BHO Wants To Hide And They Want To Ignore It. I would say those who do not here-Are Afraid to know the truth. That’s sad and dangerous because If He’s Not-He is Compromised and can be blackmailed to do whatever they want in spite of the people.But then we’ve already seen he refuses to listen to the people haven’t we…Then too,we could be setting the precedent for our future presidents being say-Putin or a Ahmadinejad-Who knows.There will be nothing that stops it If We Allow Even One Unlawful To Stand Now…

  10. mantis says:

    Ignore it. It’s just a crazybot.

  11. sam says:

    “Presidenial Candiates Must be A “Natural Born Citizen” It is the only Position in this Country that This Is A Requirement, no dual loyalties are allowed. To meet that requirement there are 3 things: 1) Must Born On American. 2) Both PARENTS MUST BE AMERICAN CITIZENS. Living in cocuntry 14 yrs..”

    Not this stupid shit again.

  12. sam says:

    Show of hands. Isn’t your worst nightmare at a party to be buttonholed by someone like We?

  13. Jay Tea says:

    For years I was wondering where the right-wing equivalent of the “Bush was behind 9/11” nutjobs were. The Birthers fill that niche quite nicely.

    And “We,” with his random capitalizing, fits the bill.

    The birthers, much like the Truthers, end up just serving the political ends of their opponents and harming their reputed ideological allies. And they both desperately need to go away.


  14. jwest says:

    I’m glad to see that Doug now agrees with all of Sarah Palin’s positions and is wholeheartedly supporting her for President in 2012.

    Although I haven’t had the time to go through his article in detail, I’m certain he has finally compared the qualifications of both Palin and Obama and come to the conclusion that she is a far better pick.

    Congratulations Doug.

  15. Alex Knapp says:

    @We –

    “It is an established maxim, that birth is a criterion of allegiance. Birth, however, derives its force sometimes from place, and sometimes from parentage; but, in general place is the most certain criterion; it is what applies in the United States.”
    — James Madison, speaking before the House of Representatives, in 1789

    “It thus clearly appears that by the law of England for the last three centuries, beginning before the settlement of this country, and continuing to the present day, aliens, while residing in the dominions possessed by the crown of England, were within the allegiance, the obedience, the faith or loyalty, the protection, the power, and the jurisdiction of the English sovereign; and therefore every child born in England of alien parents was a natural-born subject, unless the child of an ambassador or other diplomatic agent of a foreign state, or of an alien enemy in hostile occupation of the place where the child was born. III. The same rule was in force in all the English colonies upon this continent down to the time of the Declaration of Independence, and in the United States afterwards, and continued to prevail under the constitution as originally established.”
    — United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 1898

    You lose.

  16. legion says:

    Hey, I wanna play too!

    We, what’s your opinion on John McCain’s acceptability as a potential POTUS? He was born in Panama, you know…

  17. MarkedMan says:

    You know, I just re-read Palin’s statement, and it is much less a profile-in-courage than she is being credit for. She isn’t telling her supporters that Obama is a citizen, she’s simply telling them to focus on something else.

  18. Davebo says:

    Show of hands. Isn’t your worst nightmare at a party to be buttonholed by someone like We?

    I’m a bit more careful about which parties I attend I guess. But seriously, idiots to the left of me, idiots tot he right of me. What’s a guy to do?