The War In Libya And Limited Government

Christopher Preble, John Samples, and Gene Healy of The Cato Institute discuss the domestic political implications of the debate over Presidential and Congressional war powers arising out of the war in Libya:

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  1. APL says:

    I think that this points out the absolute violation of both
    the War Powers Act, and the Constitution! I also believe
    that the War Powers Act is Unconstitutional. If we want
    to change the Constitution there is a way. It is called an
    Amendment!. Both Parties as Presidents have violated
    the War clause in the Constitution, and I believe it is
    an impeachable offence.

    To spend monies and our Nobel American Lives on
    actions like this is deplorable.

    The wars in Afganistan and Iraq will be totally useless.
    Throughout history, Afganistan has not been governed
    by a single group,and when we leave it will revert to
    to its’ time honored ways of a tribal nation who will fight
    over its’ territories as they have for thousands of years.

    As for Iraq, it will also revert to its’ divisions between
    the Sunnis and the Shiites. Iran will have a significant
    role in how Iraq turns out.( and not a good result)

    All these lives, and Capital spent for What?
    When will we learn that we cannot force our ways
    on peoples that do not think or believe as we do?
    Show me on example how our Nation Building by
    force has worked.

    Again, My Opinion, but prove me wrong!

  2. Ben Wolf says:

    Is this APL guy for real, or was that sarcasm?

  3. A voice from another precinct says:

    @Ben: I think APL is for real, I have asked the same questions myself at times.

    On the another point: A politician saying one thing while running and the opposite after election? I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

    THAT was sarcasm.