THE ARAB STREET RIOT: WaPo posts this one: Arab World Erupts in Fury Over Iraq Attack.

The protesters began throwing metal barricades when riot squads tried to block them from joining about 500 Muslim Brotherhood and communist anti-war demonstrators about 50 yards from the downtown embassy. Police took swings at demonstrators’ heads with batons, but some also were heard to shout: “Don’t hit them! Don’t hit them!”

Soon, demonstrators broke through and more than 2,000 people were surrounded by riot police. Demonstrators shouted “Down with Arab leaders!” and “Leave, leave Mubarak!” in reference to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak — an indication of the anger many Arabs feel toward their own governments for failing, in their view, to act strongly enough to avoid war.

Uh huh. Or, they could be protesting the absolutely squalid, impoverished conditions their dictator has kept them in.

Plus, I spent a month in Cairo in the summer of 2002. I’m not sure how they could tell when a riot breaks out. The place is utter chaos about 20 hours a day.

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