The Smoking Gun reports Pete Townsend has been cleared. . . sort of:

After a four-month investigation, London police today cleared Pete Townshend of kiddie porn charges. But the rock star will still spend five years on a U.K. register of sex offenders because the co-founder of The Who visited a web site containing child porn images. Townshend was nabbed in January on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children, though no such photos were found following a search of his home and computer.

As [someone other than] John Hudock* observes,

So Pete Townshend has been cleared of kiddie porn charges but he is going to have to be on a sexual offender registry anyway. So it’s even worse than guilty until proven innocent. It’s guilty even if proven innocent.

I must admit, this is most baffling. On a whole host of levels, really.

*If you wrote this, let me know. I know someone did!

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  1. MommaBear says:

    UK “justice (?)” ceased making any sense when they said that a person who shot in self-defense may not have parole for he might be a danger to “a criminal”.

  2. John Hudock says:

    Thanks for the plug, but I observed nothing of the sort. It could have been one of my co-bloggers but the link provided points to a story about an old Italian who asked to be returned to prison after spending a day with his wife.

  3. James Joyner says:

    Bizarre. Somebody said it, but I can’t find them now scrolling through the blogroll. Heh.

  4. John Hudock says:

    Kim DuToit seems to be your suspect: