Caption Contest Winners


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First: John425 – Clinton: “Please join me in a toast to the winner of “Draw Mohammed Day”…”

Second: Maggie Mama – The Obama Administration is unbelievable. The Emperor has no clothes and, as we can see here, the Vice Emperor has no wine.

Third: charles austin El Presidente Calderon, I raise my glass in your honor. President Obama would have been here, but as you can see the teleprompter didn’t make it.


Robert W ArmijoActing every bit the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton steps in saving a jackass from making a Joe Biden out of himself.

Doug MataconisFortunately, Secretary of State Clinton was able to grab the martini out of the Vice-President’s hand before he began his address to a group of elderly women visiting the White House

yetanotherjohn – Hillary is having a hard time keeping a straight face as Biden makes his “Manuel Labor” joke to welcome the Mexican president.

Hodink – “Don’t quit your effin day job, Biden.”

Michael Hamm – Sorry about that, but Champagne bubbles always make me fart.

Roger McGaugh – Hillary – “How’s that AA thing working out for you, Joe.”


“So what vineyard did Obama say this vintage came from?”
“Hemlock Hills”

Hillary: “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.”
Biden: “Me too… but vice versa.”

“Quickly as you can, snatch the ripple from my hand.”

Hillary: “Hey… the Blue Oyster has glasses just like yours Joe.”

“Whine for all”

The onceaknightMonday Contest already knows what’s in your wallet.

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