The Real Threat

By now you all know that the unemployed media poster-child Helen Thomas made the asinine statement that she’d kill herself if Vice President Dick Cheney runs for President in 2008 (yet there’s no anti-conservative bias in the media). However, blogger Steven Taylor suggests another tact, more likely to ensure the desired outcome:

If Helen is trying to dissuade Cheney, wouldn̢۪t the more efficacious threat be that she would appear nude if Cheney ran for President?


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  1. Demosophist says:


    Actually, she’s not half bad…

    Oh sorry, my mistake. I thought you meant Helen Hunt. For some reason I keep thinking her last name is Thomas. I also keep thinking Helen Thomas’ name is Helen Hunt.

    I do know who Helena Bonham Carter is, though. Wouldn’t mind seeing her pop out of a cake, drunk as a lord, either.

  2. talboito says:

    Helen Thomas is Liberal…In other news the sky is blue and things fall down.

  3. Demosophist says:

    Helen Thomas is Liberal…In other news the sky is blue and things fall down.

    Actually, she’s a Marxist. And I don’t mean a Trotskyite. Sort of in the same vein as Ed Asner. Speaking of “ewww,” now there’s somebody I’d pay to stay inside the cake.

  4. DaveD says:

    When these relatively recognizable individuals make these over the top statements, I kind of get the impression they are truly unaware how irrelevant they have become.

  5. Demosophist says:

    I had an upstairs neighbor who was a dead ringer for Helena Bonham Carter. Unfortunately she was married, to a biker (and not the “Trek” kind, either).