The Return Of The White House Party Crashers

salahi-obamaThere was a State Dinner at the White House last night, so, of course, it was time for Tariq and Michelle Salhi to do their thing:

This time the White House gatecrashers didn’t make it to the door.

Michaele and Tareq Salahi, who became infamous when they bluffed their way into President Obama’s first state dinner, were stopped in their limo by the Secret Service on Wednesday night a few blocks from the White House.

It was not immediately clear where the Virginia-based social climbers were heading, but officials suspect they were trying to crash another Obama state dinner – this time in honor of Mexico’s president.

The Salahis were pulled over when their chauffeur ran a red light and signalled to turn into a restricted area, Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan said.

The limo driver was ticketed for running a red light and allowed to depart – with the Salahis – for destination unknown.

The Salahis were dressed to impress – he in a snazzy suit, she in a white mink coat, officials said.

The publicity-hungry couple is under investigation for crashing Obama’s dinner for India’s prime minister last November, even though they were not on a guest list.

They were being trailed by Bravo reality TV cameras when they slipped past the Secret Service and got inside. The fakers were even photographed doing the grip-and-grin with an unsuspecting Obama.

The Secret Service didn’t realize they’d been snookered until Michaele Salahi posted photos of herself at the fete on her Facebook page.

Meaning that had Michelle Salahi taken James’s Facebook advice, we might never have known that the first event even happened.

At this point, shouldn’t it be standard procedure to just put a Secret Service detail on these people during every White House event ?

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