THE TIMES….AIN’T A CHANGIN’: Cato the Youngest excerpts and links an NPR interview with Walter Russell Mead containing the following exchange:

WERTHEIMER: That and applause from people who were watching, other members of the United Nations who were at that Security Council meeting, it gave a very strong impression of opposition.

Mr. MEAD: That’s correct. But again, I think it almost didn’t matter what the inspectors said. Minds are made up on this, and the Blix reports are basically ink blots. People who think that Saddam Hussein should be removed read those and say, `See, it proves he should be removed.’ People who don’t want war read them and say, `See, it proves we don’t need a war.’ Nothing changes as a result of these reports.

The amazing thing is that the interview took place on February 16. This is quickly getting like the movie Groundhog Day.

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