The Trouble with Germany

For German Men, Britney No Match for Lamborghini (LAT)

A magazine survey finds they would rather spend a weekend with a hot car than a sexy celebrity.


Sixty percent of women would rather carouse with Clooney than with a Ferrari, 69% chose Brad Pitt over a Porsche, and 73% prefer a romp with Hugh Grant to downshifting a Lamborghini. It was the opposite with men. Eighty-six percent chose the Ferrari over [Pamela] Anderson, and 74% would rather cuddle with a Lamborghini than with Spears. [Emphasis added.]

Granted, the survey was featured in Men’s Car, so perhaps there were sample biases and other methodological problems. Still, it raises additional questions about our allies, no?

UPDATE: One wonders whether the dubious results stem from the selection of celebrities. Would Germans be more responsive to, say, homegrown talent like Heidi Klum?

The question will consume me throughout the day.

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  1. Russ says:

    Don’t forget to include the all-important “skank factor” in your analysis.

    Should I mention the “mileage” issue?

    If you buy a brand-new Ferrari or Lambourghini, you already know where it’s been. Anderson & Spears… there’d be some doubt.

  2. DC Loser says:

    This isn’t a surprise to anyone who’ve actually been in Germany for any amount of time.

  3. Paul says:

    I’d go for the car as well with the choices given…

    Kerri Walsh however would be a whole nutther story…

  4. Ralf Goergens says:

    And there goes the birth-rate.

    Then again, in Italy the birth-rate is even lower, so this begs the question with what Italian men would rather snuggle instead of Italian women.