Truth Laid Bear Redesign

Blog metric king N.Z. Bear has relaunched his site with many bloggy new features.

Top Posts: Summaries of the most-linked posts across the blogosphere over the past few days. The creme de la creme of bloggy goodness.

Topics: Topic pages aggregate the latest & most popular posts on specific topics. What’s hot in the blogosphere now? TTLB’s topic pages will tell you. And if the topics I’m currently tracking don’t fly your flag, you can also create your own custom topic page on whatever subject strikes your fancy.

Communities: Similar to topics pages, community pages focus on pre-defined sub-groupings of weblogs. Example communites are groups like milbloggers, or Canadian Bloggers. Each community has a community page which shows the latest & most popular posts from within the community, and a special Ecosystem-like listing which ranks the community members against each other.

UberCarnival: A directory page which shows the latest ‘carnivals’ around the blogosphere. Now you don’t ever have to worry about tracking down where the latest edition of your favorite Carnival is this week: TTLB will do it for you.

And of course, the old Ecosystem by-links and by-traffic ranking pages are still around, along with some incremental improvements to the individual blog details pages, including the display of actual blog-post titles on the ‘most popular posts’ listing as opposed to cryptic URLs.

I participated in the beta testing for the MilBloggers page and have enjoyed the new features. The Blogosphere has gotten way too big to track using a single metric, so having multiple rankings and sections is a great idea.

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