Tiger Woods Regains World Number One Ranking

Woods Back at Number One After Doral Triumph (Reuters)

Tiger Woods regained the world number one ranking after winning a gripping duel with Phil Mickelson to register a one stroke victory at the Doral Open on Sunday. Trailing Mickelson by two shots at the start of play, Woods mounted one of his patented charges to card a final round six-under 66 at Miami’s Doral Resort for a winning total of 24-under 264. It was Woods’s second win of the season and returned the 29-year-old American to the top of the rankings, ending Vijay Singh’s 26-week reign as number one.

Woods had held top spot for a record 264 consecutive weeks before being dethroned by Fijian Singh last September.

Impressive. He had been in what, for him, constituted a slump for over a year. He appears to be back in top form again in a tour that is much revitalized thanks to his presence. He’s forced the other golfers to practice harder and become more physically fit. Despite being on top of the world rankings, he’s twice rebuilt his swing and endured months of regressed play in search of perfection. At 29, before the age when most golfers hit their prime, he appears back on track to chase Jack Nicklaus’ record for most Majors wins. And he’s doing it against a field that’s much deeper than the one the Golden Bear faced.

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  1. bryan says:

    With much better equipment than the Golden Bear ever used. I’m not so sure that the field is much *better* than when Nicklaus was playing. I seem to remember quite a few golf hall of famers sharing the fairways with Nicklaus.

  2. James Joyner says:


    Certainly true on the equipment. But we’re not comparing scores, just wins. And everyone is using amazing equipment.

    It’s true that Nicholson played against some greats, especially Palmer and Trevino. But he came toward Palmer’s decline and in an era where pro golfers weren’t terrific physical specimens. The current PGA elite players are, largely owing to Woods’ forcing them to, in tremendous physical condition.

  3. BigFire says:

    That was some collapse by Mickleson. As good as he was in the first 3 days of the tournament, Tiger just caught up with him on the final day.

  4. Eneils Bailey says:

    Look out for Tiger! He is back on track. Poor boy has just been pussy-whipped the last year.

  5. Jack Rosol says:

    Jack Nicholson?? I don’t think he has 18 majors

  6. Sam says:

    I wouldn’t call Phil’s performance a collapse–he merely played well on the final round. On the third round, Phil was six under par with Tiger starting that day five strokes back. Tiger scored an incredible nine under to bring him close enough for a shot in the final round. Also, Vijay shot eight birdies in the final round (and two bogies), threatening to contend for the title if Phil and Tiger didn’t play well. All in all, an excellent weekend of golf spectatorship.

  7. Conan Watt says:

    Tiger, What a competitor, Phil played well, to say he collapsed is a bit of a joke. He was about 5 mm from taking it to extra holes. It is obvious that Tiger has one of the best games around, but it is his competitive edge that makes him stand out alone

  8. Ugh says:

    His drive when he hit the green on the short par four sounded like a gunshot, amazing. I also loved the fact that after both he & Phil bogeyed the 16th, Tiger came right back and birdied 17 (from 28 feet). It seemed inevitable.