TKS is Dead, Long Live The Hillary Spot

Jim Geraghty is returning stateside and renaming his blog “The Hillary Spot.”

This is a somewhat ironic name since the only spot associated with Hillary was on a blue dress that belonged to that woman (Ms. Lewinski). It is designed to evoke the blog’s original name, “The Kerry Spot,” which ultimately evolved to TKS once Kerry was off the stage. This name, too, may be ephemeral: “If, come spring 2008, the Democrats nominate Barack Obama or John Edwards as their nominee, then you will see this site become The Obama Spot or The Edwards Spot, or, God willing, The Kucinich Spot.”

Or, somewhat implausibly, “The Kerry Spot.”

I guess if you’re writing for National Review, the name of the blog isn’t that important. I’d advise those starting one up to go with a name that’s not quite so dependent on current events.

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James Joyner
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  1. Rodney Dill says:

    The Rodham Spot would be better