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Howard Kurtz has already written the first several paragraphs for tomorrow’s WaPo story on the impact of how today’s elections effect the Republic’s political landscape. Two versions, in fact, covering his bets.

The first paragraph of each:

Ushering in a new political alignment that could render President Bush impotent in his final two years, Democrats swept to victory in the congressional elections yesterday as voters vented their frustration with the war in Iraq, Republicans scandals in particular and GOP incumbents in general.


In a stunning surprise that defied expectations, the Republicans held onto their Capitol Hill power base yesterday, bolstering President Bush in the final two years of his term and dashing the hopes of Democrats who thought that they were about to emerge from the political wilderness.

They look uncannily realistic.

via Hot Air

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  1. Look at the bright side. Even the most fervent democratic prognostication doesn’t give the democrats veto proof majorities in either chamber. So we may get to see a lot more Bush vetoes.

    A reduced majority/loss of majority is also likely to cause a judicial confirmation log jam in the senate. Expect that to be a big part of 2008 senate elections.

  2. lawhawk says:

    I noticed that Kurtz didn’t write one up for the most likely scenario – a split in Congress (most likely House to Dems, GOP keeping Senate).

  3. Maggie says:

    Republican win, Option B, failed to include the phrase “amid growing charges of voting fraud”….now you know that the MSM would have to pop that in!