Tony Blair On Bill Clinton’s “Potentially Sexual Element”

In his new book, Tony Blair recognizes something that was rather apparent to Americans a long time ago:

(CNN) – Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was hesitant in an interview broadcast on Sunday to explain a passage from his new book that referenced a “potentially sexual element” to former President Bill Clinton’s “curiosity about people.”

“I was also convinced that his [Clinton’s] behavior arose in part from his inordinate interest in and curiosity about people. In respect of men it was expressed in friendship. In respect of women there was potentially a sexual element,” Blair wrote in his new book, entitled “A Journey: My Political Life”‘


The former British leader said that if people want to know everything about their elected officials, they should be prepared to learn about their flaws.

“They’ve got to understand they’re also human beings and you’ve got to be somewhat forgiving therefore of the human frailty,” Blair said.

And Clinton’s frailties were rather apparent from the beginning.

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  1. Brummagem Joe says:

    Clinton’s, err, interest in women is as irrelevant to his effectiveness as a ruler as Napoleon’s, Lloyd George’s or Mustafa Kemal’s. It only matters to a bunch of small minded American hypocrites. If you want a much relevant little snippet from Blair’s memoirs how about this one

    Bush (sotto voce): Whose this guy?
    Blair(surprised sotto voce): The prime minister of Belgium
    Bush(irritated sotto voce): What’s he doin here, Belgium wasn’t invited
    Blair: He’s the president of the EU
    Bush(shocked): Belgium’s runnin Europe?