I apparently missed an interesting dust-up involving the TTLB Ecosystem and a collection of blogs run by Barry of Rush Limbaughtomy. As of this morning, N.Z. Bear has suspended all the blogs except the main one from the Ecosystem on the grounds that they were artificially increasing both the traffic and visiors ratings of one another by gaming the system.

This seems like a reasonable move although, as the blogosphere gets bigger, it’ll be increasingly difficult to police this sort of thing.

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James Joyner
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  1. Paul says:

    Was it just me or did that whole event have a striking resemblance to the run up to Iraq???

    Sayeth the Bear (er President)

    “If Saddam (er Barry) is willing to provide me a complete list of all of his blogs, (er WMD) and agree to only keep one in the Ecosystem, (er allow in UN inspectors) then this may be acceptable. (and we won’t remove him from power)

    And not unlike Saddam, Barry refused to comply and a bunch of whiney liberals more obsessed with “winning” than playing by the rules defended him.

    That caused President Bear to enact regime (er link) change.

    Considering the number of liberal bloggers who now advocate lying as a strategy, the guilty parties were not a surprise.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m amazed that anybody cares enough to game the system. They are websites people. And The Ecosystem is a cute app developed by a project manager out west, its not google. Anybody with time to spend gaming TTLB probbaly needs to get a life!