Tucker Carlson Thinks Vick Should Have Been Executed

Sitting in for Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson asserted, regarding Michael Vick and his animal cruelty (including the killing of dogs):  “I think, personally, he should have been executed for that.”

Look, Michael Vick did some pretty heinous things.  However, he served his time and appears to have made amends.  Beyond that, are we really going to say that killing dogs ought to be a capital crime?

I am  thinking not.

Of course, Carlson appears to me upping the ante on the whole thing so he can then take a political swipe at Obama.  For background on why this would be the case, see Doug Mataconis’ post:  Barack Obama And Michael Vick.

More at Mediaite:  Tucker Carlson: “I Think Personally [Michael Vick] Should Have Been Executed” and Gawker.TV:  Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick "Should Have Been Executed"


The video:

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  1. Chad S says:

    Tucker is desperate for attention.

  2. What Chad said.

  3. tom p says:

    I wonder when he is going to call for the death penalty for those who kill cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, fish, crabs, lobster, squid….

    Not to mention those who actually eat them…

  4. anjin-san says:

    I think Carlson is just desperate to stay relevant. (it’s no mystery why right wing talk show hosts are unwilling to cross swords with Jon Stewart now). Personally, I think Vick did not receive sufficient punishment for his crimes, buts lets not get crazy here.

  5. An Interested Party says:

    “I wonder when he is going to call for the death penalty for those who kill cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, fish, crabs, lobster, squid….

    Not to mention those who actually eat them…”

    As soon as the president personally endorses such people, of course…

  6. legion says:

    Tucker Carlson is simply a male bimbo – a cute face with nary a thought in his head, put on tv to echo whatever opinions are sent to his earbud. He never has the slightest comprehension of what he’s talking about, and this continues that pathetic trend. I’m not terribly religious, but on behalf of the general Christian population, I’m rather offended that this idiot can, in one breath, describe himself as a good Christian, and then turn around and a) demand Vick’s execution for animal cruelty and b) excoriate Obama for suggesting forgiveness and a chance at redeeming himself. What a useless, airheaded sack.

  7. James Joyner says:

    @anjin-san: Actually, Stewart and O’Reilly seem to exchange appearances about once a year. Otherwise, while I routinely see conservative pundits on Daily Show, I can’t think of any significant talk hosts who appear.

  8. Danalee Evenson says:

    Are you KIDDING me? Yes, Tucker’s comments were probably over and above. But you think Vick has “made ammends”?!?! He has been arrogant and not the least bit sorry through this whole thing. He is a spoiled millionaire sociopath, and it is absolutely ludicrous that he received such a slap on the wrist. And to be cheered now as a hero by his fans? There aren’t words to describe how sick that makes me feel. Our society is so screwed up, there is just no coming back. Do you KNOW what he did? Hooking jumper cables to dogs’ ears and throwing them into tanks of water to slowly be electrocuted… body slamming them repeatedly until they were dead, hanging them up and torturing them, throwing his own family’s pets in the pit as training bait. He is a twisted, deranged individual, and all I can pray for is that he shows his true colors again, this time on some fellow human scum. Just enough to be truly punished this time.