I first mentioned the lawsuit filed by Shelton “Spike” Lee against the Network Formerly Known as Nashville last week. PoliBlog has also been hot on the trail.

Apparently, this lawsuit is hurting The New TNN (the second N standing now for National rather than Nashville) in its planned attempt to become Spike TV: The Network for Men. They’ve had to cancel their launch party at the Playboy Mansion. Perhaps they could go with The Tornado Network: TV for Men who Live in Trailers.

Sorry. Manufactured homes.

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  1. GORDON says:

    Spike Lee is an idiot, and this is a futile attempt to remain relevant beyond his alloted 15 minutes.

    So sez I.

  2. nancy reyes says:

    Silly me.

    When I hear the name “spike” I think of Spike Jones…

    I grew up on his records…guess that dates me…