Two Somalis Killed for Watching World Cup

Islamists in Somalia have killed two people for having the audacity to watch the World Cup.

Radical Islamic militia fighters in Somalia shot and killed two people who were watching a banned World Cup soccer broadcast, a radio station reported Wednesday.

The hard-line Muslim fighters, who have banned watching television, opened fire after a crowd of teenagers defied their orders to leave a hall where a businessman was showing Tuesday’s Germany-Italy match on satellite television, according to Shabelle Radio, an independent local station. It said the businessman and a teenage girl were killed.

Hard-line Muslim fighters, who wrested control of the Somali capital from warlords in June, have forbidden people from watching television or movies in line with their strict interpretation of Islam.

Given the recent protests over this issue, my guess is that this incident is only going to fuel the fires of resentment against the Islamists controlling this part of Somalia. At least, I hope that’s what happens. Unfortunately, it’s also possible that the brutal killings here have the opposite effect and make people too frightened to speak out. I wouldn’t bet on the latter outcome, though.

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  1. don surber says:

    Be glad they don’t have an NFL franchise

  2. Theocracy keeps descending on the US and landing in the Mideast. Its nice to know the religion of peace is at work in this world.

  3. Bandit says:

    This is no doubt why George Bush is the greatest threat to peace in the world.