UN World Anti-Corruption Day

If only I’d known, I could have observed the day by enlisting several small children to solicit door to door donations for the food bank my palace fund.

Before selling them into the sex trade industry, of course.

Kate McMillan
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  1. BigFire says:

    Yep, this is quite funny, the UN World Anti-Corruption Day… Reminds me again that there are actually gambling in Rick’s Cafe Americana.

  2. Anjin-San says:

    Good point, why should we bother trying to do something about rampant corruption in our own county (both parties) when we can just point at the UN & feel smug?

  3. Feel smug? I didn’t get the feeling that we are supposed to ignore corruption simply because the UN sells children to sex clubs, murders innocents, and accepts bribes from terrorists. The only smugness I see comes from the left which considers Middle America too ignorant and depraved to live.

  4. Anjin-San says:


    What are you raving about? The left “considers middle America too ignorant to live”??? Find a good shrink dude.

  5. LJD says:


    I think what A-S is trying to say is: “The U.S. is evil. The U.N. is good.” Now go hate yourself.

  6. kappiy says:

    Maybe it was the impending Anti-Corrumption Day that prompted Bernie Kerick to abandon his candidacy for Homeland Security Director?

  7. Mike says:

    The UN having an Anti-Corruption Day is like the mob celebrating Law Day.

  8. A-S. Have you ever traveled to DemocraticUnderground.org? Read this thread, then tell me who needs a shrink.


  9. anjin-san says:


    There are plenty of idiots both on the far right and the far left. It is very easy to point to their drivel as proof that reasonable people on the left or right are all some sort of extreamists. It is crap, but it is easy to do, which is why it is such a common debate tatic…

  10. anjin-san,

    Let’s ignore, then, college professors who advise their students to buy AK-47s and kill conservatives. Your statement indicates some amount of moral equivolency: There is corruption in the US, therefore we should not laugh at the incongruity of the United Nations Anti-Corruption day.

    Well, friend, the United States is not sponsoring a day to lecture the UN on corruption. Instead, arguably the most corrupt multi-national organization on the planet is attempting to lecture the rest of us on corruption, even as stories emerge about the UN’s succor relationship with Saddam, UN officials overseeing genocide in Rwanda, UN officials selling children into sex slavery, UN officials permitting genocide in Sudan, and UN officials attempting to influence the American election.

    When a corrupt organization denounces corruption in others, it opens itself up of criticism. The UN is criticizing the speck in our eye despite the plank in its own.