United Unveils New Commericial

United Customers

There have been plenty of online jokes in the wake of United’s PR disaster over the weekend.

This is among the best I’ve seen:

My own contribution:

I’ll be here all week,folks. Try the veal, and remember to tip your waitress.

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  1. Janis Gore says:
  2. Gromitt Gunn says:

    Seen elsewhere: “We put the hospital in hospitality.”

  3. Franklin says:

    Nice. On Facebook someone had a United training video using the scene from Airplane! where everybody is standing in line to take turns smacking an upset passenger.

  4. dmhlt says:

    “Board as a Doctor – Depart as a Patient”

  5. rodney dill says:

    The best one I’ve seen touts the new contract United Airlines got with the U.S. government.
    They’ve been sub-contracted to forcibly remove Assad.

  6. ptfe says:

    I liked the Southwest mock-up: “We beat our competitors’ fares, not our customers.”

  7. Tyrell says:

    From what I have now seen and read, it was not Untied Airline’s plane. It was a Republic AIrlines. The Untied pilots are hollaring about that.
    I never did like Untied’s tv commercials. Too much wine and cheese atmosphere. Give me Moon Pies and 7 Up.