Hugh Hewitt, responding in WizBang’s comments, says I am not actually a frenzied leftist:

I plead guilty to bad paragraphing, but the “frenzied left” refers to Joshua Micah Marshall, not the estimable Mr. Joyner.

Ah, well.

It was fun while it lasted. I’m hoping to be denounced by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Reynolds today!

Update (929): Hewitt has also posted clarification on his own blog:

I also want to point out my poor paragraphing below may have led some folks to conclude that I was lumping OutsidetheBeltway, Marstonalia, and LegalTheoryBlog among the frenzied leftists like Joshua who are pulling out all stops to defend the new Catholic test. I had intended to underscore how these blogs treated the controversy with responsibility, not rhetoric. Paragraphing is a perilous business. My apologies to these three fine sites. (8-6, 5:45)

Heh. Apology accepted.

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