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The ace of spades? Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld gets the honor in a new French deck of cards. President Bush is the king of diamonds and Osama bin Laden the joker. The game takes a jab at the famous deck of cards created for U.S. soldiers hunting down ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and other leaders from the deposed regime.

“I found it completely indecent to present a manhunt as a game,” said Thierry Meyssan, the man behind the French deck. “We thought this card game would allow us to … explain why we consider the government of George Bush a threat to international security.”

Meyssan is the author of a one-time French best seller, “9-11: The Big Lie,” claiming that no plane ever crashed into the Pentagon on Sept. 11, and that the attacks were plotted by a faction within the U.S. military.

Ah, yes. It’s inappropriate to make hunting down thugs a game, but it’s comical to declare American leaders to them? Or to make a mass murderer a figure of comedy? Granting that these are people who find Jerry Lewis hysterical, I’m afraid I don’t get the French sense of humor.

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  1. Anthony C says:

    Why not confirm M. Meyssan’s fears about the wickedness of the US government by sending a CIA team to hunt him down and whip him senseless with leather straps?

    It’d sure as heck make me feel a lot better.