U.S. – German Relations on Mend

WaPo: Bush, Schroeder Mend Relations

President Bush and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Friday set aside their differences over Iraq, with the U.S. president proclaiming “relations are good” after a long period of bitterness between the two leaders.

“We have differences — in the past,” Bush said as he and Schroeder sat side-by-side in the Oval Office, both men relaxed and smiling and frequently leaning in toward each other as they spoke. “But there’s nothing wrong with friends having differences and we have both committed to put the differences behind us and move forward.”

Likewise, Schroeder declared his first White House visit in two years a success. The two had been at odds over the German leader’s fierce opposition to the Iraq war.

“We talked not about the past,” Schroeder said. “We very much agreed that we have to talk about the present and the future now.”

The thaw in relations began last year, as Bush and Schroeder met twice, at the Group of Eight summit and at the U.N. General Assembly.

This doesn’t surprise me. As I’ve been saying all along, the roots of the US-German relationship are much deeper than the US-French one.

Amusingly, one would get very different impressions at a first glance depending on which of these photos was displaying when loading the WaPo main page:

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  1. dw says:

    Caption for picture 1: “Happily married…”
    Caption for picture 2: “…but wait until I get him to Seattle. Washington is a community property state, and his precious little ranch in Crawford is ALL MINE! I’LL SHOW HIM FOR BEING CHUMMY WITH THAT HARLOT TONY BLAIR!”

  2. This is good news. There’s alot to be gained from our mutual interests.

    Nice to see it only took a year for the Krauts to stop pouting over their lost oil scam with Saddam’s regime.

  3. Germans are very smart. That is, when they aren’t being led wildly astray by Austrian weirdos.

    (Hey! Where’s everyone going? Was it something I said?)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Miss Attila. You should not criticize our German backstab…err friends.

    After all, they’ve brought much to the world; notably the efficient industrial murder of large number of people and the use of bodily fluids and excrecratory matters in sexual intercourse while wearing latex implements.