U.S. Helicopters Shot Down Near Fallujah

U.S. helicopters shot down near Fallujah (CBC News)

Two U.S. helicopters were shot down near Fallujah on Thursday as fighting in the insurgent stronghold continued. Military officials said the Super Cobra helicopters were shot down in separate incidents and the crew members have been rescued. The crashes come as U.S.-led forces continue to clash with insurgents in a struggle for control of the city.

Man, I hate helicopters. Anything that can be shot down with an RPG or small arms fire has no business in the air.

(via Jeff Quinton)

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James Joyner
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  1. Jeff Quinton says:

    Don’t forget the trick in Afghanistan of dropping large boulders on Soviet helicopters in some areas before they started flying the Hinds higher after we sent Stingers.

  2. DC Loser says:

    Depends on whose perspective it is. The aircrews may not like to be flying low but that’s where they have to be to provide close air support. The grouns pounders love the gunships because they can get up and close when they are needed. Let’s not even talk about fixed wing close air support, at least the air force variety.

  3. McGehee says:

    For once I agree with DCL. There is nothing comparable to a helicopter for close air support. The AC-130 is cool, but a fixed-wing plane circling around a fixed position is hardly less vulnerable.