Stephen Green has lots of good stuff over at VodkaPundit today. He’s back on a roll again now that he’s finished home renovations and vacationing. Go read it; I’m not going to link to every post.

Only slightly apropos, did you realize that vodka has no carbohydrates? Good news for Adkins diet adherers out there.

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  1. No carbs in vodka? Then where did the extra 10 pounds come from after I quit smoking?

    Just when I thought I knew what to blame…

  2. Eric Dunn says:

    Yeah, no carbs, just plenty of fat 🙂 Course, when I’m on the Adkins diet, I love the stuff…errr, I mean, I drink it now and then.

  3. James Joyner says:

    Generally, 1 jigger (1 1/2 ounces) of liquor (gin, rum, vodka and whiskey) contains:
    *97 calories
    *0 gm protein
    *0 gm fat
    *0 gm carbohydrate
    *14 grams alcohol

    You’d think this info would be easier to find–I actually had a bit of trouble. Couldn’t find anything on the FDA site, for example.

    Source: Verified here.

  4. Eric Dunn says:

    What, no fat?? What sweet nectar is this? And who was that idiot who said there was tons of fat in it?

  5. Greshkvo Regnidiew says:

    Fine, there’s no carbs in vodka. But what about the simple sugars that’s contained in it? Better yet, you hear the nutritional value or lack thereof before consumption; but what about how your body proccess it, digest it, and ultimately classifies it? How then, are simple sugars considered carbs, and yet vodka has none? And finally, if it’s only empty caloric value, how then, the alcohol consumption to fat conversion is measured, and often warned about? Does your body interpret hard liquors as carbs, even though there’s none?
    —I would love to know!—