Eugene Volokh ponders why it is socially acceptable for women to use vibrators but it is considered “icky” for men to use comparable devices. I have no opinions on this matter–something you’ll rarely find me saying. I was, however, greatly amused by his intro:

Yes, this is the post is about vibrators — I know not all our readers like to read posts like this, so I thought I’d make that clear up front. This is, after all, a family blog, and you can’t very well start a family if you’re too interested in your vibrator.


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  1. John Lemon says:

    I would agree that it is “icky” too.

  2. John Lemon says:

    Actually, that this is being discussed now is actually a good sign about the progress of the war. Watch the blogs over the next couple weeks start to pick up on things other than Iraq.

  3. James Joyner says:

    True on both counts.

  4. What’s the delicate way to put this?–I don’t agree with the “families vs. vibrators” false dichotomy. After all, a man who wanted to, um, lay the groundwork for starting a family might be well-advised to let his wife have a little electric fun beforehand, and then do what nature dictates. Much fun would be had by all.