Wall Street Journal: Sources Say Rick Perry Will Run For POTUS

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that its sources are telling them that Texas Governor will indeed by throwing his Stetson in the ring:

A Republican campaign veteran tells us that Texas Governor Rick Perry has decided to run for President, though the official word from Team Perry is still a definite maybe.

Our normally reliable Republican source reports that Mr. Perry has surveyed the field and decided to get in the race later this summer, perhaps around the time of the national prayer meeting that Mr. Perry is hosting on August 6 at a Houston football stadium. Our source also reports that Mr. Perry is aiming to compete in the Iowa Straw Poll, even though it occurs just a week later, on August 13. The thinking is that apparent front-runner Mitt Romney “does not reflect the Republican Party” and is therefore vulnerable to a credible challenge from the right, especially after Mr. Romney’s recent squishy remarks on global warming.

An entry that late would present logistical and fundrasing issues but Perry is probably one of the few people who could afford to wait that long, especially since the base seems to be waiting for him to officially jump in.


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  1. Hey Norm says:

    This makes me very excited.
    Perry’s Texas is a wreck…the very image of what so-called republicans think the US can be. Lousy education, terrible pollution, huge numbers of un-insured…but really low taxes.
    This douche will provide a real discussion about direction for the country…forward to the future or back to the dark ages like Texas.

  2. Trumwill says:

    There is also something shaping up for the last week in September.

    It’s too bad we can’t build a wall to prevent the mass exodus from that third world hellhole that must be occurring.