Washington Monthly Fundraiser

Kevin Drum is going all Andrew Sullivan on us:

Our creaky technology doesn’t provide me with what you’d call up-to-the-second info, but so far we’ve raised about $6,000 this week and we’d like to get to $10,000. Only $4,000 to go! So if you like the blog, please help us keep it going by kicking in a few bucks.

You’d think the sale of BlogAds would be enough to keep such a popular site going strong. Oddly, though, sales have radically declined on all but a handful of sites. Even with over a quarter million weekly visits, Political Animal BlogAds are only $320 a week for the Premium strip and $195 for the regular one. That’s great income for a hobbyist but not for a full-time blogger supported by an influential but unprofitable opinion journal (but I repeat myself).

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