Welcome To The Jungle – Cello Edition

Paul Hsieh dubs this, "by far the best 2-cello version of "Welcome to the Jungle" that I've ever heard."

Paul Hsieh dubs this, “by far the best 2-cello version of ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ that I’ve ever heard.”

I’m hard pressed to disagree, although I did get bored with it before the conclusion. There are several more by the same artists, including a pretty fair version of “Highway to Hell.”

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  1. John Burgess says:

    The beams have finished crossing.

  2. ponce says:

    Ukuleles are the way to go:


  3. Neil Hudelson says:

    Sorry, but Enter the Sandman on Kazoo is the way to go.

  4. G.A.Phillips says:


    Taken from: The Hand of Dom Orchestra Plays Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind….

  5. Franklin says:

    The Iron Maiden one really lends itself to the orchestral version. I wouldn’t have thought Welcome to the Jungle would have, but they didn’t do too badly.