What Would Journey Do?

For those of you over a certain age, this will be quite amusing. For the rest of you, it will make no sense whatsoever.

Via Zygote via Unfogged.

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James Joyner
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  1. Moe Lane says:

    Damn you, James, for I can not excise the songs from my head now.

    “SHOULD’VE BEEN GONE…. knowing how I made you feel…”

    I just sang that aloud. At work. They’re looking at me*. Happy now? HAPPY?!?


    *OK, admittedly I can get away with this sort of thing. But still. 🙂

  2. Zygote says:

    For the record, I would just like to clarify that the song you are singing was actually sung by Steve Perry during his stunning solo career, which was almost as succesful as that of David Caruso.

  3. roger says:

    i ve never been a journey fan but reading that brought back all the things i was doing when that crap was popular.

  4. Moe Lane says:

    “…was actually sung by Steve Perry during his stunning solo career…”

    Good, you understand just what the depths of my personal hell were, there.