What’s Worse?

Pretending to be Using a victim of Hurricane Katrina to trick someone into selling you some land in Crawford, TX so that you can protest President Bush and the war in Iraq or tormenting children until they cry for your Bush-bashing art exhibit?

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Greg Tinti
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  1. Scotian says:

    In her tortured attempt to evoke an emotional reaction against the current administration, this photographer ends up exemplifying how the rest of us see her and her ilk. Delicious irony!

    This proaganda is as base — if not moreso — as anything the Nazis had to offer.

  2. Wow, that’s not easy.

    You didn’t say there’d be a quiz today.

  3. Gee. Hard choice. Lying to achieve a meaningless end or reinforcing the “crybaby party” meme. Both show strong democratic ‘virtues’. But I’m going to have to go with door number 3 with Dean repeatedly sticking his foot in his mouth.

  4. Eneils Bailey says:

    Art, my ass!
    And these lefties chuckle when a redneck buys a velvet Elvis.

    The far lefties proved long ago they were sick. Just continue to sink further down into the cesspool of far left politics.

  5. Matt says:

    Let see, fraud or child abuse…

    No, Charlie’s right, I’m not prepared for a quiz.

  6. Steve Verdon says:

    I’m thinking the second story is the worse. While what Sheehan et. al. did was smarmy, the treating of kids to make them cry simply so one can enhance her artistic image is despicable.

  7. I can see your argument, except for the fraudulent part.

  8. Steve Verdon says:

    I don’t committing fraud on an adult is one thing, essentially bullying toddlers…that takes a special kind of depravity, IMO.

  9. Bithead says:

    It’s about a wash, IMHO