When Nutroots Attack!

Crikey, boys and girls! We’ve got us some live ones! Watch ’em pounce on Barbara Boxer during her stop today in Connecticut to campaign for Joe “Beelzebub” Lieberman.

BONUS NUTROOT VIDEO: The Joe Lieberman sucks video (featuring Avril Lavigne)

UPDATE (James Joyner):
Jane Hamsher, who is in CT working on the Lamont campaign, has background on the participants and believes it is Boxer who is having the meltdown.

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  1. Fair and Balanced says:

    Sorry, is this supposed to be “nutty”? It sounds like they are asking questions. If you want nutty, watch a Scientology street interview.

  2. Brian says:

    Sheesh, Greg, we get it. My side of the political spectrum contains a lot of crazies. Now can we get back to the intelligent and thought-provoking posts? It’s the reason many liberals such as myself read this site. If I want the latest on “liberals unhinged,” there are plenty of other sites I can click on.

  3. McGehee says:

    Brian (and Ken and Hal), the name of the author of each post is right under the title. If you don’t like to read a certain author’s posts, SKIP THEM.

  4. M. Murcek says:

    Just at a glance, the freeze frame before the video runs makes it look like she’s wearing a hijab. If she had, maybe that’d of placated ’em some…