WHERE ARE THEY? John Keegan wants to know Where are all Iraq’s soldiers hiding?

Opponents of the war will say that, though western casualties may be low, that is not true of the Iraqis. Perhaps, but where is the proof?

Although there is still a large western press corps in Baghdad, television has so far succeeded in bringing us only the most paltry evidence of deaths inflicted among civilians by the coalition – three here, perhaps 17 there, but that may have been Iraqi friendly fire. In a similar incident during the Bosnian war, when a Sarajevo market was shelled by the Serbs, 80 were killed. The Iraqi government announced yesterday that 1,250 civilians have died but provided no evidence.

Keegan seems oddly disappointed by this. It strikes me as a very good thing that the major resistance is coming from small bands of irregulars and that very few people are actually getting killed here. Isn’t it? (Hat tip: InstaPundit)

Update: Glenn has found evidence (same link) that perhaps Keegan’s observations are OBE; lots of Iraqi soldiers got killed yesterday.

James Joyner
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