Where’s the Press?

Stephen Green and Kevin Drum both note that none of the mainstream news outlets have reported on the Drudge revelations and wonder what’s going on here. It’s a good question since, apparently, this story has been in the rumor mill for some time.

James Joyner
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  1. OT, but both those two are blocked by ‘Websense,’ my company’s firewall/web guardian.

    I always thought that the ‘vodka’ name put Green’s blog on the list. I wonder what the problem is with Drum/Calpundit.

    Also Yourish, Lileks, Jarvis, den Beste are blocked.

  2. James Joyner says:

    Quite bizarre. Maybe people are spending too much time reading blogs; I dunno. They’re not blocking the HostingMatters sites entirely if you’re reading mine.

  3. jen says:

    My employer uses Websense as well, but I’m able to open those links. So your problem is probably the level of security your IT folks programmed to it. Bummer for you!

  4. Jalal Abu Jarhead says:

    I think they’re all behind the times. I first heard about this from the cover headlines on the National Enquirer at Safeway.

    No, really!

  5. Paul says:

    Commissar, I’ll tell you how to (probably) punch thru your company’s firewall.

    You probably have either a DHCP address or fixed address that starts 192.168.xxx.xxx (or some folks use 10.10.xxx.xxx)

    OK the point is that the IT department probably has fixed IP addresses. You can get this address by looking at an email from them.

    Now- geeks get to set the firewall rules- for both them and you. They will undoubtedly let themselves download mp3’s (etc) all day long they just won’t let you do it.

    Figure out the IP’s the geeks use and change yours to one in their range. 95% of the time you surf just like they do.