Washington Whispers reports a neocon icon may be leaving:

Word is that Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz may bow out as soon as February. Replacement requirements: a strong manager, one who can repair relations with the military and could take over for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Several names have bubbled up, including Deputy White House National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley, a former Pentagon assistant, and NASA boss Sean O’Keefe, a former secretary of the Navy.

Interesting. (Hat tip: Kristopher Vilamaa)

Bedard also has this:

Already in hot water for likening the fight against terrorists to a holy war and saying President Bush was anointed “by God,” Gen. William Boykin may have a bigger problem with his mouth. In a newly published bio, he has not only acknowledged the existence of the supersecret Army Delta Force but brags that he commanded it. At the Pentagon, they won’t even say that there is a Delta Force.

This is hilarious on a number of levels. For one thing, the existence of Delta has been openly discussed within the military–in unclassified briefings–for at least 20 years now. It has been a matter of public knowledge longer than that; we started hearing about it shortly after the botched Desert One rescue attempt in 1980. And the idea of Boykin commanding Delta–lets, just say the jokes write themselves.

James Joyner
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