Whole Lotta Forgin’ Goin’ On

Paul at Wizbang fact checks the Boston Globe in advance. Apparently, a Dr. David Bailey of Utah State had evidence that the infamous CBS forged documents were in fact legit. Paul provides evidence that Bailey forged the documents proving the forged docs weren’t forged, which, for those keeping score at home, means that we now have two sets of forged documents. So far as I can tell, Paul’s evidence that the forged forgery on the forgeries is in fact not forged.

CBS’ experts are not able to verify any of the documents at this time. Bill Reilly is conducting his own investigation.

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James Joyner
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  1. My head hurts.

  2. McGehee says:

    My head fell off during one of those sudden turns, and I haven’t found it yet. James, please use turn signals next time you do that.

  3. La Femme Crickita says:

    The things they can do in college these days!
    Reminds me why USU is in a world of hurt.