Why the Media Lacks Credibility

In an article on ideology and grading in universities, Kaitlin Bell of the Boston Globe writes the following:

Earlier this year, Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y., reneged on a speaking invitation to University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill because he had published an article blaming America for the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and comparing the victims to Nazis. The University of Colorado fired Churchill for his comments.

Uh, no, they didn’t. Do newspapers have copy editors, proofreaders, and section editors anymore? Shouldn’t reporters know something about the topic they purport to cover?

The entire column can be found here.

h/t: Erin O’Connor

Update (8/11): The Boston Globe issued a correction yesterday.

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  1. Charlie (Colorado) says:

    From her mouth to God’s ears.

  2. Lt bell says:

    The media lacks credibility because of entertainment shows like FOX News (I use the term “news” lightly)
    CNN and the 5000 religious stations around the country that lie every day, every time they are on
    the air, pushing a religion on America thru lieing ads and so called news programs is apparently gods work,SAD that lieing ,cheating, and
    stealing is a conservative family value

  3. Jack Ehrlich says:

    Why is it that the loonie left sound more and more like communists? Is is that they are Godless? Is it because theirs is the only truth? Is it because of the acid they took in the 70’s and the crack they are still smoking has effected their thought processes? Is it because they were brainwashed by liberal thinking to eliminate any and all moral values? To put Fox News and CNN in the same catagory, is to be incapable of intelligent thought. If you do not think Fox News is fair and balanced, it is possible you only want to hear what you agree with. That is sad.

  4. ICallMasICM says:

    The Boston Globe is to news what reality shows are to reality.

  5. Herb says:

    The answer to the question “Why The Media Lacks Credibility” is simple.

    They are not Credible