Windows Blue Screen of Death Crashes Gates’ Keynote

Windows blue screen of death crashes Gates’ Keynote at CES (MacDailyNews)

Microsoft’s Bill Gates’ opening keynote at CES did not go entirely to plan, but, then again, when does it ever when Windows is powering the show?

“Bill Gates’s legendary luck failed him during his keynote presentation at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas,” Iain Thomson reports for “His demonstration of Microsoft Media Center crashed during the presentation on integrating digital photography, and later a Microsoft product manager failed to access the internet with a Tablet PC.”

“The presentation started on a jokey theme, with late-night TV host Conan O’Brien presenting a mock version of his own show and a video diary of his and Bill’s ‘lost weekend’ in Las Vegas. ‘I got too drunk, I woke up with a hooker,’ O’Brien said. ‘Bill got too drunk, he woke up with an Apple computer,'” Thomson reports.

Amusing. And this has happened to Gates before–during the public debut of Windows 95.

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  1. Red Five says:

    Actually, the famous crash was in Windows 98, when the demonstrator hooked up a USB scanner while Gates looked on. The PC not only went BSOD; it went into a split desktop and BSOD image, even more screwed up than a simple BSOD.