Wonder if Don King Has Heard of This

Lawmaker wants tiny boxing gloves on roosters (CNN – Reuters)

An Oklahoma senator hopes to revive cockfighting in the state by putting tiny boxing gloves on the roosters instead of razors.

The Oklahoma legislature outlawed the blood sport in 2002 because of its cruelty to the roosters, which are slashed and pecked to death while human spectators bet on the outcome.

Obviously a sport that needs better promotion. You could have Bantam Mike Tyson Chicken take on Wishbone Crusher Smith. I wasn’t as surprise about this attempt to legalize cockfighting as I was about the fact that it wasn’t outlawed until 2002.

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  1. Marc says:

    Doubt if this idea would go over big here in the Philippines. Cock fighting is the third most popular sport behind basketball and billiards.

    Their are too many side bets on which cock ends the fight the bloodiest.