WordPress 1.5

I’ve been considering upgrading to WordPress 1.5 for a while now but my normal tech support person is busy.

The instructions for the upgrade are simple enough but I’ve got several plug-ins installed for things not supported by version 1.2, including the expanding comments, separating comments and trackbacks, and inline trackbacks.

I’d like feedback from those who have installed the upgrade as to whether there were complications in the migration and what impact, if any, it had on the old plugins.

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James Joyner
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  1. Jason says:

    I didn’t have much problem with it, I upgraded three wordpress 1.2 blogs to 1.5, two by hand and one via CPanel’s Fantastico upgrade path.

    For the most part, the plugins still worked. All the changes I had made to files, however, needed to be replaced, like the CAPTCHAs and other minor tweaks, but that wasn’t so bad.

    Site layout is a little different, you can do it on the fly with templates in 1.5, so you may be doing some rebuilding in that respect if you have customized your CSS overmuch.

  2. DeWaun says:

    when I upgraded from WP1.2 to WP1.5 I looked at the differences with the php files that had to be tweeked and decided to do a fresh install. I didn’t necessarily want to keep the same site design… so, Same old database and uploads folder, but new look and theme. I like the idea of themes and static page creation and several other things and the install from scratch was simple and very quick. I’ve been having problems gettin CAPTCHA to work…but it’s pretty late in the evening when I do my hacking and slashing.

    I would go over to Alex King’s website and check out his WP1.5 themes list: Alex King’s WordPress Software